Mattel’s Barbie Dreamhouse Review 2019

Mattel Barbie Dream House Review 2019In this article we are going to review Mattel’s Barbie Dreamhouse. One of the all time favorite toy for the children. From generation to generation children have been enjoying the opportunity of playing with dolls. In dolls, Barbie is the most diverse fashion doll, which definitely deserves a magnificent dollhouse. This Barbie Dreamhouse is a mixture of enjoyment, creativity and imagination. You know your kid will love this dreamhouse.

You will be surprise to know about the fact that a Barbie Dream House is sold every two minutes and was first introduced in the history of toys in 1962(according to Barbie media). This clearly shows it popularity among children and it is very rewarding seller for Mattel. If you have already decided to buy Barbie Dreamhouse for your little angel then click here that will take you to to buy.


Barbie Dreamhouse Features

You can find many different Barbie Dreamhouse models but we are reviewing the one that is latest. No doubt this model is liked the most among the children.

Mattel’s Barbie Dreamhouse Dimensions

The very first thing you will become aware of is the Barbie dollhouse size. Not too small and this is what you cannot think of a Barbie doll house to be small. The assembled dimensions are length 40 inches, width 15.5 inches and Height 46 inches.

Barbie Dreamhouse – The Design

This Barbie Dreamhouse is a great combination of Pink and Puple colors design. With plenty of rooms (8 rooms) to play, kitchen, elevator and a pool. There are many stories to tell with three floors doll house.

New Barbie Dreamhouse 2019

It allows more than one child to play together with no fights as it is giving 360 degree view to playmates. And the other side of the Barbie Dream House still has access to some of the rooms. So no fights.

It does not required a lot of time to assemble it. You can assemble it within an hour or even less. Children can assemble it by themselves as you can find simple and straightforward instructions set.

Barbie Dreamhouse Floor Plan

This beautiful house for beautiful Barbie doll consists of three floors with eight rooms. At ground floor you can find you can find a dining room and kitchen along with car garage to park your car.

Second floor consists of living room with an attach bath room as well as an outdoor area which consists of a pool to relax with friends. You can fill the pool with water to make a real splash.

The third floor which is the last floor offers a beautifully decorated bedroom and another small room that connects to the pool via slide. This perfectly suited for a Barbie Dreamhouse. There is a working elevator and rooms are reachable from most angles.

Working Elevator and Slide

New Barbie Dreamhouse Elevator 2019

These two things are very interesting and make children to have more fun while using it. This adorable Barbie Dreamhouse does not have any stairs for moving dolls from one floor to another instead they have provided an elevator to move your dolls up and down. You can place four dolls at a time in the elevator but two seems to be better choice – according to the manufacturer instructions. However, taking the elevator is a real fun for children.

There is another way to go from top most floor to the second floor which is in fact more exciting and enjoyable from children point of view and that is via slide. One can really understand how amazing experience it would be for children when they take Barbie to the top floor via elevator and let her slide into the pool. Do you want more fun? Then fill the pool with water. Pool is removable, so you should not have any problem throwing the water away after play time.

Extra Special Features

The manufacturer has added more fun in it by adding some extra special features like lights and sounds everywhere in the dreamhouse. If you are in the kitchen of the doll house and you turn on the oven, you will hear the ticking of the timer. You can also hear sizzling sound of stovetop. The tea kettle inform you the tea is ready by whistle. More interestingly when the Barbie has to visit toilet, it will make a flushing sound.

The Furniture

This beautiful doll house comes up with 70 accessories to fill the Mattel’s Barbie Dreamhouse.  Some of them are convertible like in bedroom you can turn the couch into a bunkbed. The fireplace can be transform into an office. You can also convert fridge into a food stand at the time of party. If another doll come to visit Barbie you can convert coffee table into a bed.

New Barbie Dream house Furniture 2019

The furniture is provides a plenty of fun for kids, bright colors and it also have stickers. You can change the furniture around and decor each room differently to add more fun. In the toy box you can find sofa, bathroom cabinet, chair, tables and even puppy. There are some of the accessories out of 70 accessories. You can check them all out on the picture.

Additional Information

You need in all four AAA batteries for this lovely toy set. Three for the oven and one for the toilet.

Customers Review

This best Christmas toy is also an amazon’s choice product (at the time of writing this review). It has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 with 616 customers review. 81% of the customers gave 5 stars to this wonderful Barbie Dream House. This makes it really ideal for birthday gifts and best choice for Christmas toy for your kids.

In positive reviews mostly customers are discussing that “it is really big house” and easy to put together, children really love it and had very wonderful Christmas time along with it.

In negative reviews, they have statement like it could have more interactive items. Some are of the view that you can not place it sideways against the wall.

You can also increase the level of fun and entertainment if you combine this dreamhouse toy set with the LEGO City Police Station 60141 Building Kit.


This Barbie dreamhouse is a good value for money.

If your little angel already has a doll or a Barbie in home then you should consider it to buy the new Barbie Dreamhouse. This set has very interesting accessories and features like having slide and elevator will hardly get boring. More fun is added with lights and sounds. All this make it a greatest toy for this Christmas or for any birthday surprise.

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