Magformers Smart Set Review

Magformers Magnetic Smart Set
Magformers Smart Set – Magnetic Building Set

In this article we are going to review the Magformers Smart Set. This is a high quality and reliable magnetic building stem toy set. The manufacturer, Magformers has created this exclusive building set specifically to raise creativeness in future creators. Such innovative toys help in brain development process of kids during this early age. If you are in search of a Christmas Present for your kid that channel your kid’s creative abilities towards the field of building and architecture then this toy is the best choice for your kid.

This set contains 144 magnificent pieces of block that can be joined together to form different structures like magic balls, houses, towers, school building, giraffe, robots etc. Magformers Smart Set has one cool thing that you can find both education and fun at same time. You can find further information as well as the customer’s reviews at


Inside Magformers Smart Set Box

  • upto 144 pieces of accessories
  • including 46 triangles
  • 12 pentagons
  • 4 hexagons
  • 44 squares
  • 6 isosceles triangles
  • 6 super squares
  • 4 super triangles
  • and up to 16 other accessories

Create Cool Magnetic Shapes

Now comes the interesting part of the toy to create what? There is no limit for this question. What you have to do is to think, imagine and create things with fun. As a starter you can also check out already built creations, which are on the sides of the Magformers Smart Set box. Material used for this toy and its accessories is durable so you do not have to worry about its damage. So it let your child to use and reuse these blocks in creating different stuff easily.

Additionally, This set also comes with four pairs of wheels, which let your kids have more fun with two sets of vehicles. Total 144 pieces are enough to play and share with other playmates as well.

You can create Magformers Castle, Magformers Robot, Magformers Tower, Animals and Jet etc.

Colorful Magformers Robot
Colorful Magformers Robot
Magformers Car Created With Magnetic Blocks
Magformers Car Created With Colorful Magnetic Blocks
Magformers Ball Created With Magnetic Blocks
Magformers Smart Set – Magic Ball

Frustration Free Intelligent Magnetic Design for Brain Development

Neodymium Rare-Earth Magnets are used in these geometric shapes that are of good quality that never reject easily. This makes it easy for your child to fit them together without creating too much frustration. All geometric shapes and accessories are colorful and made of ABS plastic which increase fun time of children.

Magformers Smart Set let your kids to improve their brain abilities. Building with magfomers engages mathematical and scientific thought, deductive reasoning, and requires use of spatial awareness. Your kid will have educational experience with FUN.

Compatible with Magformers Other Shapes

All the Magformers sets are compatible with each other. So let’s say that you buy this one, and you decide to buy another one later, you will be able to merge them together. As well as that, these high quality plastic magnetic blocks are made in different designs and colors. Building a Magformers smart set is only limited by your imagination.

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Customers Reviews

At the time of writing, this wonderful set has a customer rating of 4.5 out of 5 star at Amazon. 89% of the customers gave 4-5 star rating and remaining 11% of the customers gave 1-2-3 star rating.


This Magformers Smart Set will let your imagination run wild. It offers so much fun and educating effects for children from the age of 3 and above. It could be the best Christmas gift for your kid this year. If you love magnetic toys then this is a set to buy. If you have decided that the Smart Set by Magformers is the one you want to buy, then you can click here to find it at Amazon.