Disney The Lion king Simba Plush Toy – Review

Disney The Lion king Simba
Disney The Lion king Simba

In this article we are going to review Disney The Lion King Simba. This is another new interactive plush toy edition from Hasbro Brand. At the time of writing this review, Amazon customer feedback score is 5 out of 5 stars. This is a proof that cuddly toys always seem to have an ‘Awe factor’, and children usually see them as attractive. It is going to be the king of your collection as well.

If you are a Disney fan or have been to watch the film, then this adorable plush toy Lion King Simba could be the perfect Christmas Present in 2019. We are going to take a closer look at what features make this an interactive toy. But if you have already made the decision to buy Disney Plush Toy for your lovely kids.

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Features of Disney The Lion King Simba

  • Simba a young Lion King who likes to talk, roar, and play. He also loves to quote phrases from the movie. Which is really a fun. He will challenge the kids for roaring contests. He will then lean back to show you that he is ready to play.
  • It will respond to touch and sound, and has over 100+ sound-and-motion combinations. Not only this, He can also move his head, ears, eyes, mouth, legs and tail. And loves to make lots of fun movie sounds.
  • Simba is also full of surprises: If you pat him on the head — who knows what he will say or do?  you can talk to him, roar at him, and just watch him react accordingly
  • And when you feed him his favorite treat: which is – a grub on a stick.   Simba will respond with a mighty roar when you feed it to him (and as he likes to say, “slimy, yet satisfying!”)
  • Simba will make a fantastic Birthday Gift or Christmas Gift: suitable for kids ages 4 and up… and any fan of the Lion King.

FuReal Disney Interactive Plush Toy

This FurReal Friends Lion King is really soft and the fur is lovely to the touch. Simba has a main like a real famous lion cub, it has a nice curly tail, as well as padded paws on the bottom of his feet.

The Size

The FurReal Mighty Roar Simba interactive soft toy is quite large in size. You have to see one to realize how big it is. The actual size of Simba is approximately 8.5 inches (21.5cm) high by 20 inches (51cm) wide and 17 inches (44cm) in diameter. Ideal for the age group of 4 years and over, and not for younger children (might be it is due to the huge size).

Hasbro Disney Sound and Motion

Simba is an interactive Furreal Toy that embodies all the fun, charm, and humor of animation of the most famous Lion Cub. You can expect to have and hear plenty of sounds and phrases, as well as actions.

This Disney the lion king has over 100 combinations of sound and motion. Therefore, giving him a hug or some friendly pats or one of his treats will stimulate these sounds.

What Is The Lion King Toy Able To Do

Disney The Lion king Simba Plush Toy
Disney The Lion king Simba Plush Toy
  • When you roar at the FurReal Roar Simba, he will roar back at you.
  • He is also able to move his head backwards and forwards.
  • Opening and closing his eyes
  • He will also wag his tail from left to right. He can even move his mouth and ears.

Such type of interaction to both sound and touch, will definitely inspire your child and add to the excitement.

Playing with FurReal Disney The Lion King

You will receive an instructions set in the box when you buy furreal roar Simba. But the real fun stars when you unbox it and discover how interactive he is.

It would be really fun if your kid watch movie by holding it or sitting beside The Lion King Simba. This will increase the enjoyment during movie watch time.

Batteries You Need For This Cuddly Toy

Keep in mind batteries are not included in the box when you buy the FurReal Disney Lion King. So do not forget to buy them at the same time. You will need 4 C batteries for this lovely toy.

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Amazon Customer Feedback

As we have already informed you that it gets 5 out of 5 star rating at amazon. This reflects that all the customers that have bought this lovable Fur Real Mighty Roar Simba, they really love it. What more can we say. If you have decided that this amazing soft toy is for you.

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One of the customers mentioned “The phrases are fun and cool and I would definitely recommend it!”.


This is a lovely interactive toy in fact for kids of age 4 year and above. This could be the one of the best Christmas Gift for this year and who knows king of your collections as well. If you are a one of the Disney fans, you might hav already decided that this is a must have cuddle toy. If so:

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