Black and Decker Junior Power Tool Workbench Review

This is a review of Black and Decker junior power tool workbench. You can find many workbenches in the market for kids but the one we are reviewing is a realistic design with very good quality, and manufactured by one of the world well know power tool manufacturing brand Black+Decker.

Now a days children are spending more of their time in front of computers, tablets and mobiles. Now it’s the responsibility of parents to encourage your child to interact with physical world, try to solve their different problems, which may come up in their daily life. If it is the case that you have already decided to buy this then click on this link to buy it directly at

Ideal for Your Kid

If your kid loves to spend time with parents and trying to copy things what parents are doing specially when it comes to “do it yourself” jobs – using tools. It can be unsafe and very risky if you let them to help you using those heavy tools. That is the reason world’s well known tool manufacturing brand Black+Decker have already made a tremendous workbench for kids. Black+Decker junior power tool workbench allows your children to feel like they are with you and helping you while you work in home.


This Black and Decker junior power tool workbench comes with 75 tools and accessories pieces. I loved the color of the workbench and the tools.

Just like real tools but thankfully there is no danger to the little cute hands. An awesome miter saw is also included in this workbench to increase the level of fun. This saw really spins to give an impression of cutting. A very cute small drill press that moves up and down to simulate real drill in action.

Additionally lights and sounds make it really cool and cause of attraction for kids. They can build a toolbox with the available parts that come in the workshop. Kids can build some incredible projects up to their imagination. It will definitely provide hours of fun to children.

As you can see in the pictures that there is a storage tray bellow the workbench where kids can place different accessories like nails, nuts, screw drivers, wrench etc.

Following is everything you will get in the Black+Decker junior power tool workbench set

  • Workbench with storage tray
  • Drill press
  • Miter Saw
  • Phone
  • Vice
  • Accessory Bin
  • Hand Saw
  • Screw Driver
  • Wrench
  • Hammer
  • 5 Nails
  • 15 Screws
  • 22 Nuts
  • Tool Box
  • And Flashlight

Age Recommendation

Age recommendation by manufacturer is 3 to 15 years.


  • This Black+Decker junior power tool workbench will help to develop motor skills and hand-eye coordination with 75 different tools.
  • Lights and sound effects are really a plus.
  • Very easy to assemble whole workbench.


Fake wood cases may break easier then what one is expecting.

What Makes it Stands Out

This amazon’s choice product stands out due to its realistic design and sound effects. This helps your child to learn motor skills and safety lessons. It will provide your children an introduction to tools, screws and the basic building.

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Final Thoughts

So if you have a little builder in your home, he or she will love to have this wonderful junior power tool workbench. If you have already decided to have junior workshop in the garage close to your own workshop then please click on the link to buy.