LEGO Winter Holiday Train 10254 – Review 2019


The Lego Winter Holiday Train 10254 is a wonderful Christmas Toy for the year 2019. Kids as well as adults will have an amazing time building this LEGO Winter Holiday Christmas Train building kit. It is an Amazon’s Choice product at the time of writing this review.

One of the clever and important features about the Lego Winter Holiday Train 10254 is that there are several other features. This will include things such as Christmas tree, train tracks, festive green wreaths, decorative lights, minifigures and a lot of other things. If you have already checked this toy out at Amazon, you will be able to buy it here.

Features of Lego 10254 Winter Holiday Train

The Lego 10254 Winter Holiday Train is a perfect LEGO Building Kit addition to your holiday decorations toys. Following are key features of this toy set.

Full Train Track

This charming train toy construction set featuring a full circle train track. That gives hours of enjoyment and fun for kids. There is a boarding platform with bench and lamppost add more value in the play time.

Detailed Interior

This is one of the Lego Set that has detailed interior. You can find festive green wreaths, attractive decorative lights. Kids can visit the cab to wish the season’s greetings to driver and ticket collector.

Measurements of Lego Creator Expert Holiday Train 10254

This Lego Building Kit contains 734 Lego pieces. The Holiday Christmas Train in total measures over 4 inches high, 20 inches long and 2 inches wide. Curved train rail track diameter measures around 27 inches.

Lego Minifigures

There are 5 lovely Lego minifigures in this 734 pieces Lego Winter Holiday Train Set.

  1. A locomotive driver
  2. Ticket collector
  3. Grandmother
  4. Boy and a girl

Holiday Tree Spins

This includes a rotating Holiday Christmas Tree. The tree spins on its base as the train goes down the track. That let your kids to the next level of enjoyment and also let making it the perfect under the tree train set for the holiday season.

More Fun with LEGO Creator Expert Train 10254

If you want to have more fun out of this Holiday Train 10254 toy set then turn this LEGO train into a motorized train set with a Power Functions motor. But keep in mind this motor is not included in this Lego 10254 Building Kit. LEGO Creator building toys are compatible with all LEGO construction sets for creative building.

The Lego Winter Holiday Train 10254 – Where to Buy?

If you are looking for a winter train toy as Christmas present for your lovely kid, this could be it. The best place to buy it is from Amazon because you will get best price, shopping from amazon is more reliable. Not only this you will receive your orders quicker due to fast delivery.

If you want to buy this from Amazon, Click here to buy.

Customers Feedback

This Lego Winter Holiday Train 10254 is very popular among kids and got very interesting figures at Amazon. It gets 4.7 overall rating out of 5 star from the 197 happy customers at Amazon. 87% of the customers gave it 5 star rating. 4% customers gave 4 star and 9% of the customers gave 3-2-1 star rating.

Alternative Choice

If you are also looking for a Cargo Train Building Kit. Then check out our review for The Lego Duplo Cargo Train 10875.


A great LEGO Christmas gift for boys and girls over the age of 12 years old and adults of all ages. This Christmas toy let your kids to have hours of enjoyment. This building toy set will let them enjoy their long holidays. If you have decided LEGO Creator Expert Winter Holiday Train 10254 is what you want, Just CLICK HERE to buy it from Amazon.

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