Lego Silent Mary 71042 Building Kit Review

Lego Silent Mary 71042 Building Kit ReviewThe Lego Silent Mary Building Kit 71042 is the Lego set that we are going to review in this article. Everyone will be deciding what toys they would like to buy as Christmas is arriving soon be upon us. Lego sets have always been very popular but this particular building kit is modeled form of the Pirates of the Caribbean fifth film.

At the time of writing this review, it has feedback score of 4.8 out of 5 stars from Amazon buyers with 0% of 1 and 2 stars. Infact this is wonderful achievement. If you have already decided that the Lego Silent Mary Building Kit 71042 is what you are looking for. You can buy it here at Amazon.


This award winning toy set the Lego Silent Mary 71042 Building Kit has a number of pieces. We are sure assembling this whole building kit will give you many hours of fun. It seems like the largest ship that Lego have produced, but it is not like that but still it has a total of 2,294 Lego pieces. This make it really big ship and inspiring in its size.


The total height of the Lego Silent Mary 71042 Building Kit is 18 inches (48cm) with the main mast in vertical position. It is 26 inches (68cm) long and measures 8 inches (22cm) wide. When the main mast is collapsed, then it is over 14 inches (36cm) wide. Just for a comparison, the largest Lego ship is Leo 10210 Imperial Flagship, which is 29.5 inches (75cm) long and 23.6 inches (60cm) tall.

The box and the instruction set

Lego 71042 Caribbean Ship building kit front

The Lego Silent Mary 71042 Building Kit comes in dark black colored box with a mysterious outlook for having Pirates of the Caribbean look. The front box image shows the Silent Mary’s bow opening and Captain Jack Sparrow with the rest of the crew are in the rowing boat, which is surrounded by ghost sharks.

Lego 71042 Caribbean Ship building kit back

The rear image on the box shows the Silent Mary and her crew and some of the minifigures in action.

One thing which is noticeable in the Lego Silent Mary 71042 Building kit, is that there are no stickers which one can expect in Lego sets. There are also not many printed parts either. This is a good news for a person like me who do not like stickers which are always tedious to apply.

What is inside the box

If you are regular buyer of the Lego building kits then you must aware of the fact that Lego keep things organized when you begin to build. In the box there are 16 bags of parts numbered 1-13. They have used a separate bag containing the fabric sails, which are packed with a cardboard backing to keep them in original condition.

Other than these there is an instruction book included having 263 pages. The Lego takes great care in making instruction books. It always very easy to follow. Like in the case of Lego Silent Mary 71042 Building kit, when you open the instruction book, you will find a short biography of all minifigures. Lego has well organized it by having an image of each character that stars in the movie.

The minifigures in the Box

There are eight minifigures included in the Lego Silent Mary 71042 Building kit.

Captain Jack Sparrow



Lieutenant Lesaro,

Captain Salazar

Officer Magda,

Officer Santos

And Silent Mary Masthead.

Other than these minifigures, the ghost pirates are also really cool minifigures that we have seen in this kit. There are two detachable ghost sharks. These sharks have removable upper jaws that are a hinged joint when attached, allowing some scary shark moments. Using a technic pin, these sharks can be attach below the hull. Pirate ship accessory elements include a compass, monocular, two brooms, sextant and a ship-in-abottle, care and cleaning: wipe clean with a damp cloth.

The construction

The first part of the build in the instruction book is the most obvious and easy one – the little row boat that provides a transportation for the crew of Captain Jack Sparrow that includes Carina and Henry. This has a lantern in the front. There is nothing much going on here.

In the second part of the build you will start building the Silent Mary which is really a challenge. Therefore, there are some parts you may find a bit difficult. What you need at that point you have to carefully reading the instruction book. You will definitely end up with the excellent replica of the Silent Mary Ghost Ship for your home.

Customers Opinions

As we write this review the customer feedback is 4.8 out of 5 stars from 51 customer reviews. 82% gave this model 5 stars, and 18% gave it 4-3 stars. Manufacturer’s recommended age is 14 years or above but one of the customer said his 9 years old grandson assembled it himself.

Another customer said, it is slightly fragile so if you play with it be gentile.

Another Lego Option

If you are searching another Lego set for your kid. We have done review another wonderful Lego Toy, Lego Duplo Cargo Train 10875.


The Lego Silent Mary 71042 Building Kit, which is a marvelous model, will definitely be a choice for Lego fans and followers of Pirates of the Caribbean. Building of such a big model is itself a fun but at the end you end up with a master piece for your home or for your living room. So if you want to buy this Lego Silent Mary 71042 Building Kit, you will find it here at Lego pirates of the Caribbean: dead men tell no tales pirate ship.

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